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Our Mission: Tomorrow's Tools Today ®

   BioSculpture Technology, Inc. ("BST") is an independent offspring of Rocin Laboratories, Inc. It was created when the overwhelming success of the licensing program of the Lipotome™ Sales Division suggested that an independent company be created to exclusively license the parent company's liposuction portfolio and expedite the development and introduction of more advanced designs into the operating room.

   We believe that the best way to serve physicians, the patients they treat, and our shareholders is to improve the surgical experience with reliable, safe and affordable instruments which make surgery a more controlled, predictable and less painful experience. And then to stand behind those instruments and respond to needs and requests of our customers to continue to improve and evolve with them.

   In the words of our President, Robert L. Cucin, M.D., "We seek to maintain a standard of uncompromising quality, foster an environment of integrity and respect, and transform every stumbling block to innovation into a building block for progress." 

   BST’s Corporate Mission is to unleash the artist in the surgeon® and be a world leading manufacturer and developer of medical devices and procedures for handling adipose tissue targeting:  

                            the liposuction and body sculpting market;

                            the bariatric treatment market; and 

                       the fat autograft and adipocyte-derived stem cell processing markets.


Company Profile

   BioSculpture Technology, Inc. is the exclusive licensee of the tissue aspiration and processing portfolio of Rocin Laboratories, Inc. We specialize in the advanced power assisted dual-cannula tissue aspiration systems which allow controlled and effortless tissue removal.  These tube-within-a-tube Twin Cannula Assisted Liposuction or "TCAL" power assisted liposuction systems offer dramatic advantages in control and reduced effort over less sophisticated methods, even single cannula Power Assisted Liposuction or "PAL" systems, a technology BST's founder also invented.  

   TCAL can be safely adapted for other specialties and uses for which manual and other powered systems would pose a hazard.  BST believes endoscopic and laparoscopic applications in particular have high potential for generating significant future revenue streams.  



   Surgeons using our instruments for the first time have described them as "revolutionary" or "evolutionary."  It is almost impossible to get a physician to surrender the instrument being tested to complete the rest of his procedure manually.  The most frequent question asked by the testing physician is "How soon can I have it?"


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Contact Information


           (212) 977-5400


Postal address:

BioSculpture Technology, Inc.

1701 South Flagler Drive

Suite 607

West Palm Beach, Florida 33401

Tel: (561) 651-7816

Fax: (561) 651--7808



 Electronic mail:

General Information: info@biosculpturetechnology.com
Sales: sales@biosculpturetechnology.com
Customer Support: support@biosculpturetechnology.com
Webmaster: webmaster@biosculpturetechnology.com



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