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          On September 1, 2016, the S.E.C. Qualified BioSculpture Technology's Tier 2 Regulation A Offering to enable development and clinical testing of our patented endoscopic treatment of obesity, metabolic syndrome, and type 2 diabetes mellitus.  Issuer: BioSculpture Technology, Inc.; CUSIP Number:  09074G 106;  ISIN NUMBER: US09074G1067; Issue Description: COM.  This Regulation A public offering terminated on August 31, 2017.


View the Offering Circular. 
Download an Offering Circular.     
Please note this Regulation A Public Offering terminated on August 31, 2017 and links are provided for historical purposes only.


Company Profile    

Innovative Solutions Based on ScienceTM

         BioSculpture Technology, Inc. (“BST”) is a commercial-stage medical device manufacturer of liposuction surgical instruments for surgeons. It offers the FDA-cleared Twin Cannula Assisted Liposuction ("TCAL") Airbrush®  Liposculptor II Intellimotion® controllers, Airbrush® cannula sets, and multicore connectors. The company also provides warranty repairs,  physician referrals, as well as offers license options.  It serves customers through a network of manufacturer representatives.  The company was founded in 2001, incorporated in Delaware,  and is based in West Palm Beach, Florida.

       BST is developing a patented minimally invasive method and device for the endoscopic removal of visceral or “belly” fat, Endoscopic Visceral Lipectomy or "EVL" as a new treatment of obesity, metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes mellitus. Three U.S. patents have been allowed on both the method and device and numerous others are pending.  BST filed its Form 1-A with the S.E.C. to fund EVL development and commercialization and initiate becoming a public company. Bringing this highly disruptive EVL technology to market is BST's highest priority.    

    BST will convert production to a next generation version of its pneumatic TCAL system, the Airbush® Liposculptor IIE, a sleeker electrical wand.  The Company also is developing a single cannula Power Assisted Liposuction ("PAL") device, the Airbrush® Liposculptor  III, the next generation of a tissue aspiration technology our Founder also invented but successfully licensed to UAM, NuMed, Byron Medical, and Mentor.

    With the exception of the above overview and announcements that appear on this page as they are of particular interest to investors, this website is devoted to products that are already approved for sale and in production.   You may follow activities of our Research and Development Division, particularly in regard to our progress with Endoscopic Visceral Lipectomy or "EVL" at www.evl.technology.    

     This page is purposed to provide present and future investors with information regarding the company's S.E.C. filings, shareholder meetings, financial reporting, material events, progress, and other announcements.  We plan to hold regularly scheduled GoToMeeting webinars to provide C.E.O. reports on a regular basis and facilitate attendance by our shareholders to keep them updated as to Corporate events, announcements and activities.  Please check back here at regular intervals for advance postings of their dates and web links.  

    Below are the the three new products, all of which have been successfully prototyped, but none of which have yet been submitted for regulatory clearance, which this offering will permit the Company to finish developing and bring to market.

Robert L. Cucin, MD JD President, CEO, Chairman
Deborah Salerno CFO, Director
Julia Cucin Secretary, Director
Jonas Gayer, CPA Treasurer, Director
Peter Ciriscioli, PhD Director, Consultant Engineer


       Airbrush® Liposculptor III

       Airbrush® Liposculptor IIE  


Airbrush Liposculptor III

Airbrush Liposculptor IIE


Small & medium volume liposuction


Medium & large volume liposuction


Precision liposuction
Endoscopic Visceral Lipectomy (EVL)


Downloads and Web Links:


S.E.C. Filings Financial Reports Corporate Releases Quarterly CEO's Report Shareholders' Meeting
Form 1A/A  (5th Amendment, Qualified Offering) Audited 2014-2015 Financials Corporate Overview
Form D    (Mezzanine Note, Closed Offering) Audited 2015-2016 Financials Executive Summary
Form 1-K (2016) Company "Tear" Sheet
Airbrush Liposculpture® White Paper


On September 1, 2016, the S.E.C. Qualified BioSculpture Technology's Tier 2 Regulation A Offering to enable development and clinical testing of our patented endoscopic treatment of obesity, metabolic syndrome, and type 2 diabetes mellitus.   Although this Regulation A Public Offering terminated on August 31, 2017, links to it are provided below for historical purposes.

You may view the filing (5th Amendment, filed 8/25/16) .
Download an Offering Prospectus

 You are welcome to join our team on the Harvest Financial Network in any capacity to help us bring EVL to the billions of obese patients about the globe who might benefit from it.  


Recent Interviews of CEO, Robert L. Cucin, M.D.:


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Video Presentations:


Endoscopic Visceral Lipectomy for Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes


Investor Highlights

 August 1, 2017


Endoscopic Visceral Lipectomy

Medical Video



Investor Highlights

January 16, 2017


Investor Highlights

September 10, 2016


Narrated Investor Presentation (full)

 July 6, 2016




Older Video Presentations:


BioSculpture Technology, Inc. Capsule

  Airbrush Liposculpture®


Obesity Division Presentation   May 15, 2016
Cinch It Protocol   White Paper

Keeping Face and Figure


Further Information for Accredited Investors:   


      Accredited Investors, as defined by §230.501, those that meet the criteria summarized below, may invest in private securities not available to the general public and generally reserved for Venture Funds.  Accredited Investors must buy those private securities for investment only and not for resale, and such securities are restricted.  However Accredited Investors are exempt from the 10% net worth or 10% income limitation for their investment in a Tier 2 Regulation Offering.  

      Accredited Investors known to us who have been granted access may  login to view private investment opportunities when they are available.  Please note our mezzanine bond offering is now closed.  

Natural persons who meet any of these criteria are considered Accredited Investors:

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These entities may also meet the definition of Accredited Investors:

a bank, insurance company, registered investment company, business development company, or small business investment company;
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a charitable organization, corporation or partnership with assets exceeding $5 million;
a business in which all the equity owners are Accredited Investors;
a trust with assets of at least $5 million not formed to acquire the securities offered and whose purchases are directed by  sophisticated person

Accredited Investors unknown to us may document their status quickly and confidentially at with one of the numerous online services now available such as www.accredify.com or  www.verifyinvestor.com, and then contact us for access.  





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